Your ideal in-garden composting system!


Did you know that the success of your garden is all about growing great soil?! Yes, you heard (or rather read) correctly. The key to growing healthy and abundant produce starts in your soil. Worm Towers create an ideal way to deliver the nutrients your plants need all season long using your leftover fruit and vegetable scraps.  Worms are nature’s nutrient-dispensing, soil-aerating experts that turn your kitchen waste into garden gold! These wiggly caretakers are your ideal partner in gardening that will drastically increase the productivity of your plants and improve the health of your soil. Oh, how sweet are the fruits of their labor!

Using multiple Towers spaced throughout your garden will optimize your composting area and ensure that the worms are spreading the nutrients throughout your garden so you don't have to. I recommend placing a Worm Tower every 3 to 4 feet in your garden beds.

The Right Worm for the Job


A worm is just a worm, right? Well yes and no. Though worms are all closely related they occupy different niches or functions in the soil So, which worm is the right one for the job? Most above ground worm bins are designed to use red wiggler or composting worms to turn your waste into compost and while they are the most voracious of the cousins, they don't fulfill some important garden tasks.


First, these worms only like to live in decomposing organic matter so they will stay inside the bin and not venture out into the soil as long as there is food present. This means that they don't aerate your soil or transport their worm castings throughout your garden bed. They leave that job to you. If you do choose to use red wigglers then you will have to push out the finished vermicompost (the fancy word for worm poop) out of the Tower whenever it is full and spread it around your plants. Also, red wigglers don't survive well in cold weather, so unless you want some worm visitors in your house during the winter, or you live in a warm climate, you have to buy new worms each year.


On the other hand, your native earthworms tunnel throughout your soil, aerating and tilling in all of their amazing castings so your plants are constantly receiving nutrients from your composting kitchen scraps. Also, since they are native to your area, you don't need to take care of them through the winter and better still, the earthworms will maintain a healthy worm population all on their own. Now that is sustainable gardening!

Our Products

4 in white

Our most popular Worm Tower is the 4 inch white Tower with fitted white lid. This size provides adequate composting space while not taking up too much space in your garden beds. Ideal for rectangular beds with a width up to around 4 feet. This Tower is also a perfect companion for individual fruit trees to provide steady nutrients during the growing season and can be easy moved from one tree to another in a few minutes as needed.

$15.00 each Worm Tower

Did you know you can add your own personal touch and creativity by painting your Towers?

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Green Worm Towers add a splash of color to your garden composting system



Our 4 inch bright green Tower has all the same great features as our white Tower, but adds a splash of color to liven up your growing space. This also comes with a white fitted lid.

$15.00 each Worm Tower

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